serving Louisiana since 1956

Welcome to the home of Jefferson Amateur Radio Club (or simply JARC.) JARC was originally founded in 1956. We’re located just outside of New Orleans, Louisiana in the suburb of Metairie. Our club has come a long way through the years, but it’s still about the preservation of the amateur radio hobby. You will find everything from the most knowledgeable “Elmer” to those that are so new they still have that “new radio operator smell.” We encourage you to check out our web site, or even come by the club house and visit us on one of our open house days. (See calendar for more details.) If you’re new to the hobby, new to the area, or just haven’t discovered us yet we would be more than happy to have you. There is an on-line application to sign up or just drop by in person and say hello. If you’re curious as to what amateur radio is all about and just haven’t found out yet, please contact us (or any of our members) for more information. It’s never been easier and more exciting to become a licensed amateur radio operator.

JARC is an ARRL Special Service Club. “What does this mean?” you ask. Well, your ARRL Board of Directors, recognizing that your problems are best solved at the local level and that the local club is the best representative of Amateur Radio’s interests at the local level, created the Special Service Club Program. To participate, a club must commit itself to establish a more effective local presence for Amateur Radio for a period of twelve months. In particular, it will establish meaningful programs in a number of areas as specified in the program guidelines. A truly effective SSC will also go beyond the basic requirements and seek to broaden the Amateur Radio experience and capabilities of its members; it will also encourage a spirit of fraternity and camaraderie among its members. In return, ARRL Headquarters will provide additional support and guidance to those clubs who commit themselves to a high level of performance The goal of the SSC Program is to establish a more aggressive, more effective presence for Amateur Radio and the ARRL locally. The goal is also to ensure that necessary skills exist and local resources are organized for an effective response to any local situation where Amateur Radio can contribute as a public service, or can benefit from positive exposure.

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get licensed quickly

JARC is a Volunteer Exam Coordinator (or simply VEC.) This means that we report test results directly to the FCC. We have been a volunteer examination group for this area since 1984, the year that the VE program began. While other local groups have come and gone our group has been consistently giving tests since its first session at the New Orleans Hamfest in the fall of 1984. In fact, some of the original volunteer examiners are still with the group.

The VEC testing sessions are typically held at our clubhouse located in Metairie, LA at the Wally Pontiff Playground (formerly Metairie Playground.) Test dates are typically 8:30 AM on the second Saturday of even numbered months, and 6:30 PM on the Third Monday of odd numbered months. If these dates are not convenient for you, please check our calendar for upcoming test dates. We electronically submit the test results to the FCC very soon after your testing is completed, usually the next business day. This ensures the fastest possible route for getting your license. You may check the FCC’s Universal Licensing System for your call sign as early has 2-3 business days after you pass your test. You do not have to wait for your hard copy of your license to arrive. As soon as it shows up in the ULS, you are allowed to transmit with your earned privileges. If you’re reading this because you’re ready to come take the test, here are a few pointers. Our address, a map, and directions to our clubhouse is located in the “Contact Us” section at the top of this page. You can e-mail us regarding testing inquiries by clicking here. Feel free to contact any of our members if you still need assistance in locating us. You are required to bring your driver’s license (or other government issued photo identification) to take the test. Also needed is the original and a copy of your present amateur radio license if you are upgrading. The fee for the test is currently $13. This fee is strictly to cover the cost of materials associated with producing the test. It is not used for any level of profit. Also, be sure to pack your brain and we wish you the best of luck on test day!

If you’re looking to work on your testing skills, the ARRL sells many books. For the budget minded there are several sites which offer free on-line practice testing. A few are, and There are literally hundreds of these on the internet, try a Google search for “Amateur Radio Practice Exam” You will find plenty.

2015-07-20 VEC Test

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our members are our community

JARC is dedicated to promoting the Amateur Radio hobby as well as being there in the times of need for our community. We rely on our members to help us carry out our mission. Becoming a member helps support the club in more ways than just paying dues. We hold and sponsor many of events each year (Contesting, Ham Radio classes, Field Day, VEC Testing) and we need members to help us do this.

The dues we collect help keep our club resources, such as the club station and repeaters, going so they are there for all to use. Since no club would be fun if it was all work parties and volunteer/charity work we’re also a social club.  We’re always looking for members, whether your an experienced radio operator or just have an interest in the hobby and are looking to get your ham radio license, come on down to one our of Thursday Night meetings or open houses and see what we’re all about!

  • Full Membership $36 per year
  • Family Membership $18 per year *
  • Associate Membership $36 per year
  • Student Membership $18 per year

* Family Membership is full membership plus $18 for each additional up to a maximum of $72.

To become a member of JARC please click on this Membership Application link. Print the application, fill it out, then either mail it with your check to the club address on the form or drop by the clubhouse during any one of our Thursday Night meetings or Open House days.

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